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THAKOLSRI FARM began as a 35-rais family orchard in Petchaboon.Over time, the farm grew to its current size of 5,000 rais.In view of this expansion,
Mr. VirothThakolsri decided to turn the farm into a business which could serve society rather than just a small private plantation.

In 1970, therefore, about 400 rais were planted with
sweet tamarind trees. Over 20,000 kgs are harvested annually and sold both locally and abroad.
In 2000,over 1500 rais of disease-free citrus had planted.The remaining area has been planted with high demand fruits, vegetables, herbs, and trees.

To achieve higher yields and obtain products of optimum quality, THAKOLSRI FARM has installed
a complete irrigation system. With this high technology investment, the farm requires fewer workers and utilizes water resources more efficiently.

In this way, THAKOLSRI FARM is contributing to Thailand's economic growth and improvements in the quality of life for all mankind.

4 Moo 3 Mor Dindaeng Klongkrajang Sub District, Sritep Phetchaboon 67170
tel / Fax: (661)216-5718
E-mail: thakolsrifarm@biothailand.com